Asus Zenbook UX51Vz - DH71 Review

Asus Zenbook UX51Vz – DH71 Review

Windows 8 laptops have been getting lukewarm reception due to poor design and implementation. However, Asus hopes to remedy that by creating a laptop that is an extension of their popular UX line of ultrabooks. The result is the UX51Vz-DH71, an ultrabook with a 15.6 – inch screen, great design and great hardware choices.


If you’ve seen previous UX ultrabooks by Asus, then the UX51Vz has the same look, only bigger. It features the dark gray aluminum lid that makes the UX line of laptops recognizable. This gives the laptop a very high – end feel, justifying its high price tag.

Weighing at just 4.5 pounds and measuring 1.2 inches thick, it’s a laptop that’s very portable for its size. However, to achieve that, the optical drive isn’t included. You can make up for it by getting an external one.


As mentioned earlier in the introduction, this laptop features a 15.6 – inch screen. To make things better, this laptop comes with a resolution of 1080p. Asus used a quality IPS display here, as evidenced by good viewing angles.

However, it loses points because it isn’t a touchscreen – something you need to make your Windows 8 experience complete.


Though the laptop may lack in some essentials, it compensates by offering great performance.

First up, the laptop features an Intel Core i7 – 3612QM quad – core processor. It’s definitely a processor that most people won’t even get to maximize, however it’s there and it’s a good choice. If you happen to render Photoshop and other media, then it’s a good processor to have.

For graphics, you have NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 650M. It’s their best GT card before the GTX cards, which is suited for gamers.

To give you an idea, you can play Dead Space 3 without any problems at all. It runs at 41 fps. The new Tomb Raider game runs at 43.5 fps on High settings, but cranking it to Ultra will give you 12.5 fps.

All in all, the GT 650M is a capable card, as long as you’re satisfied with turning down settings.

For storage, the laptop comes with two 128 GB solid state drives. It’s very good since you can store your personal files in a separate drive. You can also opt for two 256 GB solid state drives if you wish.

The solid state drives give the laptop amazing speed and response. Windows 8 boots really fast and programs also respond in the same manner.

For memory, you have 8 GB of DDR3 RAM. It’s more than enough for everyone, since the standard offering is 4 GB. You won’t experience any hiccups while using this laptop.

For ports, you have plenty to work with. You get three USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader. There’s also mini VGA, HDMI, mini DisplayPort and even Intel’s WiDi for wireless streaming. You get the prerequisite headphone and microphone jacks too. There’s WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth to round out the package.


Featuring a backlit keyboard complete with a number pad, the UX51Vz aims to please. With an all – aluminum construction wrapping the whole laptop, it just screams elegance.

What about the price though? For incredible performance and luxurious looks, you’ll need to shell out 1,875 dollars.

That’s a lot, but you’ll be paying for performance and luxury wrapped in very modern software.

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