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5 Reasons People Sell Gadgets to Us

  • 1)  Trusted iPhone buyer. Sell your iPhone, laptop, smartphone, or Blackberry to CashforLaptops, the original online buyer. Founded in 2002, we were the first company where you could sell items like your iPhone and laptop online. Reliable service you can trust, that's why people sell iPhones to us. See what our customers are saying!
  • 2)  Just 29 seconds is all you need to get an offer. Get cash in a matter of days! A top online offer for your iPhone is a few point-and-click answers away. How much will we pay?
  • 3)  Sell your iPhone fast, for easy cash. With us it's fast and easy to sell your iPhone! No phone calls, no emails, no auctions, no fees, no shipping charges, no ads to write. Just fill out our online offer form to receive an insured, prepaid box and shipping label. When it arrives, you just stick your iPhone in and send it to us.
  • That's it! It costs you nothing and takes only a few minutes. There's no faster, easier way to sell your iPhone for cash.
  • 4)  100% reliable, trackable, and insured. Thousands of people sell us their iPhone or laptop; students, families, businesses, and organizations. We insure your iPhone in transit and you can even track the location and arrival of the item you’re selling.
  • 5)  We'll buy your iPhone in any condition. Used or broken, sell your smartphone even if it's missing a battery and charger, we don't care. We'll give you cash for it anyway.

Where can I sell my laptop online?

Your search is over!

CashforLaptops is the trusted buyer of used, old, and broken laptops in America. We pride ourselves in making this trade a trouble-free and rewarding experience for you. From shipping to payment, you can count on our efficient process to deliver excellent customer service.

At CashforLaptops, we provide you with different ways to get rid of and make money out of your device. Whether you choose to sell or trade in a laptop for cash, expect to receive no less than the highest amount of money for your electronic device.

Get Paid to Upgrade

We understand your need as a techie to upgrade to the latest device. Our primary goal is to help you earn the financial rewards you can get from ditching your old laptop. With CashforLaptops, you can sell laptops for cash and get money to help you afford that latest model.

No Cost on Your End

At CashforLaptops, we take packaging and shipping fees out of the equation. We cover these charges to eliminate any expense you have to pay, giving you more value for your money. We help you sell laptops online without spending a penny.

Sell a laptop for cash only with the name you can trust. Get in touch with us to get an initial quote.

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