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The Trusted Solution in Laptop Refurbishment Since 2002.

Based in Sparks, Nevada, our company pioneered exchanging cash for old, used, and broken laptops. Not only that, we were also the first to have the idea of paying for the packaging and shipping fees of our customers. This is because we want individual and business consumers to reap the financial rewards of going green by becoming responsible laptop owners. We do business with three important goals in mind: Reduce, Reuse and Refurbish.

Business Built on Benefits.

We want to keep both you and our environment happy. If you decide to kiss that beat-up, cranky, hopeless laptop goodbye, we will pay you for it. And we go to great lengths to properly and ethically dispose of e-waste. The professional solutions we provide will afford you security and convenience, and the protocols we observe will strongly aid environmental conservation.

Bye-Bye Old, Hello New.

There are three types of laptop consumers: (A) the stayer, (B) the satisfied switcher and (C) the dissatisfied switcher. A's are loyal - they never switch brands and just want an upgrade. B's are go-getters - they want better options from better brands. C's are assertive - they believe they have bleak options so they look for better brands. Whether you're an A, B or C, the goal is constant: to get rid of that unwanted laptop and make life so much easier. That's precisely what we're here for - to help you take the first step towards the right option, right here, right now, by giving you a quote that will offset your next purchase, and at the same time help you get rid of that clutter lying around the house or the office just gathering dust.

Convenience Right at Your Fingertips.

Your time matters to us so we make sure that our online transactions are as fast as possible. A few taps on the keyboard, a few clicks of the mouse, and you have a quote in less than a minute. We buy any laptop that falls under the categories of old, used, or broken. If we’re on the same page, we'll buy what you're willing to sell – and we'll even pay for the packaging box and shipping costs. This is how badly we want to help you get rid of that laptop that flashes “Get rid of me” on its monitor every time you turn it on - if it even powers on.

Trust is Our Trademark.

Safeguarding your online and offline information is our mission. We have TrustWave certifications under our belt. Moreover, if you sell us your laptop, the first thing we'll do is reformat the hard drive and make sure every bit of data is deleted, with no possible way to retrieve any information back. To us, your privacy is paramount.

The Good in Going Green.

How green are we? Green enough to be a Green Certified Site - a web badge we share with IBM, Harvard University, and other organizations and companies that aim to keep their carbon footprint small. This means we operate our website using the least amount of energy possible so we generate the least amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). We also have a hard-earned recycling permit from the State of Nevada. We take pains to inspect, disassemble, sort, and process laptops in order to keep useful components and dispose of the useless ones. We submit only to the hard-and-fast rules of the existing state and federal solid- and hazardous-waste regulations. Placing your laptop into good hands means you contribute to keeping large quantities of toxic waste like lead, mercury, and cadmium out of landfills.

84 Coney Island Drive Sparks, NV 89432

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